Common NMR Solvent Impurities

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Values from Hugo E. Gottlieb, Vadim Kotlyar and Abraham Nudelman, J. Org. Chem. 1997, 62, 7512-7515.

""residual solvent peak
"grease"fCH3 m 0.860.87 0.920.860.88 
"grease"fCH2 br s1.261.29 1.361.271.29 
acetic acid CH3 s 2.11.961.911.551.961.992.08
acetone CH3 s
acetonitrile CH3 s
benzene CH s 7.367.367.377.157.377.33 
BHT (2,6-dimethyl-4-tert-butylphenol)ArC(CH3)3 s 1.431.411.361.381.391.4 
BHT (2,6-dimethyl-4-tert-butylphenol)ArCH3 s 
BHT (2,6-dimethyl-4-tert-butylphenol)OHcs 5.01 6.654.795.2  
BHT (2,6-dimethyl-4-tert-butylphenol)ArH s 6.986.966.877.056.976.92 
butyl alcohol (tert-)CH3 s
butyl alcohol (tert-)OHcs   4.191.552.18  
butyl methyl ether (tert-)CCH3 s
butyl methyl ether (tert-)OCH3 s
chloroform CH s 
cyclohexane CH2 s 1.431.431.41.41.441.45 
dichloroethane (1,2-)CH2 s 3.733.873.92.93.813.78 
dichloromethane CH2 s 5.35.635.764.275.445.49 
diethyl etherCH3 t, 7
diethyl etherCH2 q, 73.483.413.383.263.423.493.56
diglyme OCH3 s 3.393.
diglyme CH2 m 3.573.473.383.343.453.583.61
diglyme CH2 m 3.653.563.513.463.533.613.67
dimethoxyethane(1,2-)CH3 s
dimethoxyethane (1,2-)CH2 s 3.553.463.433.333.453.523.6
dimethylacetamide CH3CO s 2.091.971.961.61.972.072.08
dimethylacetamide NCH3 s 2.942.832.782.052.832.922.9
dimethylacetamide NCH3 s 3.0232.942.572.963.313.06
dimethylformamide CH3 s 2.882.782.731.862.772.862.85
dimethylformamide CH3 s 2.962.942.892.362.892.993.01
dimethylformamide CH s 8.027.967.957.637.927.977.92
dimethylsulfoxide CH3 s 2.622.522.541.682.52.652.71
dioxane CH2 s 3.713.593.573.353.63.663.75
ethanol CH3 t,
ethanol OH sc, d1.323.394.63 2.47  
ethanol CH2 q, 7d3.723.573.443.343.543.63.65
ethyl acetate CH2CH3 t,
ethyl acetate CH3CO s 2.051.971.991.651.972.012.07
ethyl acetate CH2CH3 q,
ethyl methyl ketoneCH2CH3 t, 71.060.960.910.850.961.011.26
ethyl methyl ketoneCH3CO s
ethyl methyl ketoneCH2CH3 q, 72.462.452.431.812.432.53.18
ethylene glycol CH se 3.763.283.343.413.513.593.65
H2O  s 1.562.84a3.33a0.42.134.87 
hexane (n-)CH3 t 0.880.880.860.890.890.9 
hexane (n-)CH2 m 
HMPAg CH3 d, 9.52.652.592.532.42.572.642.61
methanol OH sc,h1.093.124.01 2.16  
methanol CH3 sh 3.493.313.
nitromethane CH3 s 4.334.434.422.944.314.344.4
pentane (n-)CH3 t, 70.880.880.860.870.890.9 
pentane (n-)CH2 m 
propanol (iso-)CH3 d,
propanol (iso-)CH sep,
pyridine CH(3) m 7.297.357.396.667.337.447.45
pyridine CH(4) m 7.687.767.796.987.737.857.87
pyridine CH(2) m 8.628.588.588.538.578.538.52
silicone greaseiCH3 s 0.070.13 
tetrahydrofuran CH2 m 1.851.791.761.41.81.871.88
tetrahydrofuran CH2Om 3.763.633.63.573.643.713.74
toluene CH3 s 2.362.322.32.112.332.32 
toluene CH(o/p) m 7.177.1-7.2 7.16 
toluene CH(m) m 7.257.1-7.2 7.16 
triethylamine CH3 t, 7 1.030.960.930.960.961.050.99
triethylamine CH2 q, 72.532.452.432.42.452.582.57

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